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Hello!  My monthly membership is fun and really the "best bang for your buck"!   I jam pack this baby with loads of SVG files, graphic elements, and Ready to Print design files!!!

I am just like you-I started making t-shirts with my Cricut and made a few shirts and realized I really loved it!  So, I learned how to make SVGs to say what I wanted them to say!  (All my New Mexico slang!!) Next, people asked me for more complicated designs and so I bought memberships, like this one, for sublimation files to print out on my Epson printer and later on my white toner printer!  Now I love this option and really love making shirts, but I kept getting “custom” requests!  You know the kind…. can you “just” move this and add that to the design!  Well, I am a people pleaser by nature, and I absolutely love learning!  So now I do it all!  And I want to share this with you to make your life easier! 

Ready to Print

     Say What?!?

    SVG files that are ready to cut-usually with vinyl and then pressed on a shirt or a mug. I used a Cricut and tested all my files before you ever get them to make sure they are easy to use!
    READY TO PRINT files are just that...designs ready to print and put on whatever medium you are using!! Want to makes some shirts, a mug, coasters, tumblers.... I got you covered! 
    ELEMENTS-papers, a flower, leaf, a person, backgrounds, splashes, alphabets -all the stuff that make the finished graphic!


    Memberships are delivered every month.  A new link will be added on the 1st of each month and taken down at midnight on the last day of each month.  You are responsible for downloading your graphics BEFORE the end of the month!

    What you get:

    Welcome graphics
    Current month of graphics


    The monthly membership gives you all the licensing you need! 

    commercial rights unlimited
    recoloring right
    POD (print on demand) rights
    digital transfers
    digitizing rights


      What you cannot do:

      Resell these "as is" because that’s just wrong!  Lol

      Thank you so much,



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