Turquoise Trail  June

Turquoise Trail June

Dang It!  Yesterday was Wednesday!    I thought today was Wednesday.  So instead of letting yet another week roll by, I will just roll with it and get the words on the page!

Well Hello,

We are so excited here at THD.  We have launched our graphics membership called THD Insiders.  We have  MONTHLY and  QUARTERLY options!  This has been a work in progress for a year now! 

New commercial use graphics are released between the 3rd and 5th of each month.

Here is a sneak peek at June's graphics!


Plus so much more!  

Not ready for a package each month?  We will offer some designs on the website, but we focus on getting this membership site up and running well!

While focusing on digital designs, we are still available for fundraisers, vendor shows, and bulk orders!  I still love making shirts and am not ready to give it up completely!  


Do you make your shirts?  I have several vinyl transfers I am selling in bulk!  Check out the listing HERE. You will get 30 transfers for $15 with free shipping! 

They are random and super cute!


Thank you for checking us out!  We are so excited about these new changes but realize that when you signed up for my email list, it was all about shirts- so if you do not want to get emails about graphics, feel free to unsubscribe.  It is sad-right!?  If you need us for a bulk order or want us to show up at an event with our heat, press-please keep us in mind :)  We will miss you but totally understand!

Onward and Upward! 

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