Guys this road has had it's ups and downs for sure...

I was a stay at home mom, homeschooling my 3 kid for 14 years. While we went to play dates and I have mom friends-I had not worked in years!

Back in 2017, I was asked to help put on a conference for 800 people. In my small town of 9000 people-that was a lot! Our town was not set up to host that many people from out of town. Hotels, meals, transportation, entertainment....and swag bags-that was all me!!

I thought this part time gig was going to be a lot of fun-and it was! I had no idea I missed working so much (if you could call it work)!

After that conference I was offered several jobs. But hey, I am stay at home mom! I don't really work! lol Then I was offered a job with a promotional sales company, working from home....getting to see behind the curtain in how swag is made, who the vendors really are and how much that stuff costs-for real! Sign me up!

I remember quoting a price for large car stickers and I asked my boss how much they would be, she came back with $80 each. They are very nice stickers but still $80 is a ton of money when they wanted 100.

I knew there had to be a better way for my small community, so I decided to branch out on my own and open Turquoise Heart Designs (formally The Swag Hag). I found I could get those SAME stickers for $5 I was really onto something!! People seriously overcharge!

I did this because…I wanted my customers to have the best deal and still make a little money. I say all the time-I do not need to retire on ONE order! I will make more money in the long run if I just provide a good product for the best price I can!

Then COVID hit and all of my swaggy orders tanked. No more conferences! So I reworked my business around t-shirts. Same philosophy and I have not looked back! I absolutely love making shirts. I searched and search for the highest quality, softest shirt I could find and built this little business from the ground up!

Now, most of you know I am rebranding because "The Swag Hag" was trademarked after I opened. (I don't know why I feel like I have to justify that, but I do. I feel like I did something wrong even though I know I did not.)

So I am in the process of changing everything over to Turquoise Heart Designs- it is growing on me. lol I love making t-shirts but I have also found a passion for designing. As we move forward-several of the shirts offered will be my personal designs. That is super exciting and I am totally up for this next adventure in my life.

Now, its your turn! What things have you started? And did you end up where you thought you would? I know I sure did not!

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